- Mads - 26 - Aussie - Artist -

-Fandoms -
- TV - Game of Thrones, Elementary, Doctor Who, Once Upon a Time, Xena, Avatar, Supernatural, Rookie Blue
- Films - Hunger Games, Avengers, Disney, LotR/Hobbit, Harry Potter,
- Games - Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Elder Scrolls, Pokemon, Bioshock, The Last of Us

- Main Ships - (subject to frequent change)
FemShep/Liara, FemShep/Traynor, FHawke/Merrill, Sleeping Warrior, Red Beauty, Joniss, Jaime/Brienne

Also, ladies. Lots of ladies.



Sir Boris, the finest swordsman in the world! And his brother, Sir Morris, not the finest swordsman in the world… but the most enthusiastic!

And their noble pets!

Sir Horace the dog and Sir Doris the Hamster.


You’d be surprised to learn that Joe Budden is in my music collection. His song ‘Fire’, featuring Busta Rhymes, makes me think of really greasy high-school parties. And sometimes I just like to put it on and dance like a moron. I dance like a moron very frequently when I’m by myself. Those are good times.