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Also, ladies. Lots of ladies.



i talk a lot of shit for someone who can’t choose rude dialogue options in games because i’m scared of hurting a characters feelings

Rearranging my ‘shelves of stuff’ to make room for all the Last of Us crap I’ve bought.

Anonymous asked
the lockpicking annoyed me until i figured out how to upgrade it. A few level ups and, voilá, Leliana can open every chest in the game. Same goes for DA2...

Yes that’s true, but you can only get to the highest tier of lockpicking that early if you ignore all other areas of your rogue’s skills and focus just on that; then you’re left with a great lockpicker who is useless in combat :P I’ve done the Brecillian forest quest, and currently on the hunt for Branka (with a bunch of minor quests done in between) and Leliana still can’t unlock all the chests I find. We’ll get there soon, though :P

Brave we were to anchor together under the moonless sky but we shared this compass & we followed those stars & here we found our harbor.

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